I am Focused eye tea bags


Tired, puffy eyes?  Try our botanical eye tea bags!

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Tea bags have always been popular to use on puffy eyes. With this in mind, we went one better. This combination of herbs are said to have anti-flammatory properties which will definitely help with the puffiness but will also soothe those tired, stressed out eyes. Many spas have adopted the practice of using these during other treatments for their clients. You can also reuse them. Just put them in a baggie and keep them in the fridge…like leftovers, they’re even better the second time around! 3 pair.


Oatmeal, green tea, calendula, lavender, chamomile, hops.


Place your tea bags under cool running water, til they’re wet, but not drenched. Gently squeeze out the excess water. Place them on your closed eyes and rest. When you are done, put the tea bags into a small baggie and place them in the refridgerator! Tea bags can be used several times.

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